SUMMER Retreats 

Sunday, July 22 - Wednesday, July 25  

 September 2018*


Nature is in full bloom.  Now is the time to go full speed toward your goals.  Focus, shine and do your best work.

Please pick your clothing accordingly to the season. You want to be cool during the day and warm during at night to focus on your explorations.

*pls inquire about exact dates and costs



Day One- Afternoon Arrival

  • Welcome dinner around a warm fire.

  • Photo assignment 1: Portrait

Day Two

  • Early morning warm up and meditation.

  • Breakfast.

  • A strenuous but rewarding hike with photo assignment 2: landscape.

  • Lunch at remote lake.

  • Moving meditation.

  • Photo shed: Presenting and analyzing work.

  • Campfire dinner: Recap of the days experience and setting goal for next day.

Day Three

  • Early morning warm up and meditation.

  • Breakfast.

  • Photo assignment 2: landscape cont. 

  • Lunch

  • Analyzing and discussing of assignment work.

  • Photo assignment 3: Portrait Series

  • Campfire dinner: Recap of the day's experience

Day Four

  • Early morning warm up and meditation.

  • Breakfast.

  • Final review of work.

  • Closing lunch.



The retreat program starts at 6am and ends at 8pm (except first and last day).  All meals are included.  Participants arrange their own accommodation (we can help with local Inns).  However, all are invited to stay in the communal tipis or the private expedition tents at no additional cost.  Please let us know what your plans are.






What to pack

Clothing, etc.

  1. Hiking boots/shoes
  2. Comfortable, durable pants
  3. Wool/fleece sweater
  4. Hat, gloves, scarf (nights)
  5. 3 pair of wool socks
  6. Under wear/base layer (3 days)
  7. Shell Jacket, water proof (or additional rain poncho)
  8. Light down/fleece jacket
  9. Sleeping bag
  10. Wash kit


  1. camera, extra batteries (limited charging capabilities)
  2. laptop (not required but ok to bring)
  3. photo gear that is specific to your style (tripod, flash, etc.)

Photo Edits

  1.  10 images* that represent your most successful work (by your definition).
  2.  10 images* of strictly personal work that you would put in a time capsule.
  3.  10 images* of other photographers that influence your vision.

*inexpensive 8x10 print outs and digital files on memory stick or dropbox